The footfall through the station is greater than you think! 45,500 entries and exits during 2016

Our charitable objects embrace 11 parishes but our area of benefit stretches far beyond. The business directory covers businesses located or registered in the following parishes: Campsea Ashe, Blaxhall, Tunstall, Iken, Sudbourne, Orford, Chillesford, Butley, Wantisden, Eyke, Rendlesham.

It spreads your message across the area and down the line, and local communities can find you! We’ve lived in the area for 23 years and the number of times we’ve travelled miles only to find a few weeks later, the same or better, is just around the corner!

The business touchscreen is strategically placed under the real-time train information screen in full view of everyone entering the Station House.

A simple marker with your business name on the map comes free, but for £100 a year you can have your own pop-up with contact details, website, description, photos and even video.

If your business isn’t on the map – get in touch here!

Come and look around to see whether some of our rooms might suit your style of working.

If you have a vacancy or work experience to offer, we have a noticeboard to help. Where else, but a station, do people have this kind of opportunity to connect?